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TREND ALERT: The Devil And Everyone Else Wears PRADA

Ever since PRADA re-introduced their tiny nylon bag á la early 2000s, the brand has become one of the trendiest fashion houses of the century. Recently they introduced two new bags which are predicted to become the it-bags of 2021.

In this article you will be introduced to two bag models that are sure to set the trend for many high street brands as well. The collaboration between Miuccia Prada and the innovative Raf Simons’s might be the best thing that has ever happened to the Italian fashion house.

The Cleo brushed leather bag was introduced in the SS2021 collection.

It is a new adaptation of the brand’s signature re-issued nylon mini bag and it is one of the first accessories to come out of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’s collaborative partnership at the Italian house. The bag and it's strap is engineered to hug the body when worn over the shoulder. It shows a great appreciation for practical fashion and is an example of an immaculate design, craftsmanship and quality. On their Instagram Prada posted a picture of their newly launched bag with the caption:

"The new #PradaCleo bag is a synthesis of classicism and futurism."

The Prada Cleo bag with sophisticated allure reinterprets an iconic design of the brand from the 1990's. Sleek curved lines emphasized by the particular construction rounded on the bottom and sides give this hobo bag a soft, light look. Brushed leather, a modern and versatile material that is distinctive in Prada collections, is ideal for creating always new combinations and contrasts. The enamel triangle logo decorates the silhouette. The price ranges from 16 900kr - 17 900kr.

The dynamique leather tote and handbag was introduced in the FW2020 collection. This soft leather bag presents a new interpretation of the triangle logo, traced by stitching with the Prada metal lettering logo illuminating its center.

Lately Prada have been experimenting with their logo a lot, making it bigger and more visible on many of their items. The brand is definitely taking on a more modern approach.

The reverse stitching emphasizes the soft, rounded silhouette that comes with a double leather handle and magnetic button closure. The nappa interior has three compartments.

This beauty has been seen on the arms of many influencers recently, including @josefinehj, @xeniaadonts and @camillecharriere. The price of the handbag is approximately 18900kr while the tote costs around 20000kr.

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