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The Comeback of the Combat Boot

Autumn is here and it is time to update your shoe wardrobe. What better way to fight the cold than by stomping around in a pair of combat boots? As an extension to the chunky sneaker trend combat boots are making a comeback this season. Here are our top four picks from fashion week (and some budget alternatives as well).

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From left to right: Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Dior

As chunky sneakers have dominated the fashion scene for a while now, designers have decided to take this sizable trend a bit further by reintroducing the sturdy and somewhat rugged combat boot. This shoe trend could be spotted everywhere during fashion week and was featured in many A/W19 shows, including Prada, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta and Dior.

Sources: @josefine.hj, @mvb, @matildadjerf

The boots are also taking over social media. Many renowned fashion influencers thereamong @josefine.hj, @mvb and @matildadjerf have been spotted sporting this trend on their IG accounts.

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