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The Best Instagram Apps for a Smashing Feed

Using social media as a way to promote your brand is a highly popular marketing strategy today. Everyone in the industry knows that a knockout instagram feed can really make the growth of your business skyrocket. However, to maintain a nice instagram feed can sometimes feel like a full time job and therefore impossible to manage all by oneself as a solo entrepreneur with a lot of other things to do. That is why we have put together a list of helpful Instagram apps that will make it considerably easier to create a feed that will promote your brand.


Ever posted a picture on Instagram just to see how it fits in your feed and then deleted it a second later when you realized it didn’t? This app spares you the trouble, making it possible for you to plan out your feed ahead. It’s simplistic design and handy tools allow you to move pictures around and try different layouts. 


This app is perfect if you want to add a white border around all you pictures. Adding a white border is a great trick that can even make your feed look less cluttered and more minimalistic and sophisticated. 


Using filters is a way to make your photos look more proffesional, but changing the filter for each post can result in your feed appearing messy and unorganized. To create a more cohesive look it is recommended to use the same filter for all your pictures. However, finding the right filter that matches your personal style can be difficult and that is why you need this app in your life. Lightroom allows you to create, save and download your own filters so that you can use them over and over again.


A much simpler version of Lightroom, providing you with multiple filters that can be customized to your liking and easy tools that can be used to edit your pictures to perfection. This app is considered to be

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